At exactly one week ago a go I posted how to remote control and conference your pc with a mobile phone installed with Teamvier application.

Today i thinks this very post is a bit different. or let me say it is the same only that you won't be need a third party programme or software to remote your MAc pc. All you need this time is a Mac Remote app for your Android phone or tablet is just the right tool we're going to use to do the magic.

HOw it Works

Remoting your pc with app on mobile is nothing new and has never been anything more than installing a server side application that helps you to handle commands from a device which serves as a control to a remote computer.

The main thing you have to know here is, your MAC computer works over SSH. As a User, you just need to enable remote logins for your machine, and the app walks them through wizard as a guide.

With this, it enables media playback on your MAC computer using your android In a simple way, you will have a remote control in your hand, without needing to install additional programs on your computer.
You will be able to watch movies without getting off the couch!
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With this application you will be able to control the followings media players in an individually way
- itunes
- Iphoto
- Spotify
- Quicktime
- MplayerX
- Preview
- PowerPoint
Also you will be able to shutdown, suspend and adjust brightness and volume! Everything remotely!


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