From the Stables of Browsingcheat.blogspot.com I bring to you the latest trick on How to send free text messages on MTN-Nigeria. May be you're the only one yet to know about this simple free cheat. Anyway count yourself lucky to have stumbled upon this post. This Trick has been in use since the beginging of this week and has been the bomb and the rave of the moment in sending free SMS text message.

Now to do this trick without too much grammar, ADD a + sign on the receiver's Phone Number and type whatever you have to type. For example I want to send a message to this number 08100667966, all I have to do is add a plus sign to the receivers number and it becomes +08100667966

Thats all!

So this is what you have been missing all this while.
You can use your Mtn number to text to plenty of your friends and family on other networks using this simple trick.

That's my number I used in the Example you Can send a free Thank you Message If it Works or click the facebook Like or share button to share with friends. You can equally drop your regards in the comment box too...

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  1. Admin, kudos to you for ur enlightments.
    But dis 1 no go, has it bin blocked or wot. Thanks


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