Have you ever wondered how you could connect two computers and share files from another computer far away from your location with yours? for example, you have a friend in Germany whom you want to access his computer here in Nigeria like it was your own computer placed in front of you, or lets say you're able to See through another man's computer like a mirror and at the same time mess around with files and folders on his computer? (sounds like someone is joking huh?).

Okay come to think of it, how about conferencing a couple of friends computer together so that you all have cool access to one another's files and document irrespective of each other proximity.

Well, after a well spent weekend I just decided to drop this very cool tutorial. I will be showing you how you can connect, share, conference and remote control between computers and mobile gadget in this little tutorial.
And one of the possible ways to do this is through the use Team Viewer application

Team Viewer is a proprietary computer software package for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers.

The software is available for different operating system like
Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), Apple i OS, and Android

To get started, First download the team viewer app.

  • Installation (remote PC)
    Install TeamViewer Software by following the instructions given by installation wizard and launch TeamViewer. Click on the "Connection" tab at the top of the TeamViewer window and select "Setup unattended access ...".
  • Follow this Configuration guide ( For remote PC)
    You should first step set a computer name and password for the remote computer. In the second step you can add this remote computer to your computers & contacts list (refer to "TeamViewer - Use the Computers & Contacts List").
  • Connection
    Open your computers & contacts list and right-click on the computer name you would like to connect with. Choose the connection mode „Remote control (using password)“ and enter your individual password (from step 2) in the following dialog box in order to establish a connection.
  • PC Access From Your Mobile Device

    1. Download TeamViewer full version and start the software. Record the unique ID and the password. Tip: Read the document "Team Viewer - Setup Unattended Access" to learn how to configure TeamViewer for permanent access.
    2. On your mobile device

      Install and start the compatible Team Viewer App. Find further information and all apps at: www.teamviewer.com/mobile
    3. Connection

      From your mobile device, enter the ID and password of the remote computer (from step 1) and control your computer as if you were sitting right in front of it.